Trigger Point - Deep Hip Rotators

Category: Trigger Point
Purpose: - Decrease muscular tension
- Improve circulation
- Improve joint range of movement
Description: - Seated on a hard surface.
- Place trigger ball under one glut at a time and roll diagonally across the muscle (out to in).
- Gently push the body against the trigger ball, move up, down, left and right until a trigger point (hypersensitive nodule in the muscle - may refer pain into other areas of the body) is found.
- Hold and relax your body weight over the point until it starts to release.
- Hold for desired period of time. Pain should reduce to below 1/5
Coaching cues: - Ensure that you wait until the pain has dissipated to 1/5 (0=No pain, 5=Worst pain) before you change to a different spot or new muscle.
- Hold each trigger point for up to 60seconds, if the point has not released, move on to another point and come back to it later.
- Be aware of your neck and shoulder position. Do not cause more problems by having bad posture for extended periods of time.
Body Part: - Gluteus Maximus
- Piriformis
- Quadratus Femoris
- Gemellus & Obturator muscles
Trigger Point - Deep Hip Rotators

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