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Our performance coaches have worked with literally thousands of young, developmental, elite and professional athletes.  We know that to get the most out of your training, you need to have a complete and sufficient diet.  Whether you want to gain more weight, loose weight or just perform with more energy, our diets, supplements and guidelines will help out tremendously. 

General Diet

Based on your body weight, your goal body weight, activity level and gender, we will give you a diet to follow.    AU$59.00   AU$40.00

Individualised Diet

To educate yourself and improve your health at the same time. Now that is value for money.    AU$79.00

Performance Lifestyle Guidelines

Eat Right! Drink Right! Sleep Right! Move Right! Live Right!
The “Performance Lifestyle” manual highlights the important aspects of nutrition and other performance related aspects that promote quality recovery and performance.

Protein Shaker

Our protein shakers are perfect for storing your protein powder in your bag and then simply add water or milk to taste for a fast and convenient source of energy.    AU$9.00