Trigger Ball VIII - RED

We are excited to present the new Trigger Ball VIII !

The Trigger Ball VII has a thicker wall (8mm versus 5) and weighs 20gram more than the original trigger ball. 

With this new design, you can expect far less give in this new trigger ball so it works better on those deep muslces and persistent trigger points.

Trigger point therapy targets tight bundles of muscle and releases these to improve total muscle belly length. This lengthening of the muscle belly increases the length of the muscle and thus the flexibility in the targeted area.

Trigger balls are virtually indestructable - we have had one of them in our centre since 2002. However they are not lost-proof, dog-proof, or taken-by-your-teammate proof : ) Maybe you should buy 2!

Release Deep Hip Rotators with Trigger Ball - Acceleration

Exercise written using AccelerWare

See an example of a Trigger Point exercise.  This exercise is used to  release trigger points in the deep hip rotators.  

There are competitors who sell these cheaper than us, but you will find their product is too soft.  Our spikey balls are firm so they actually work.  

NOTE: Sometimes this colour of trigger ball is sold out.  We will send you the next best colour!

Trigger Ball VIII - RED
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